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Web design

Trust a web design agency to create your business website. Whether you are an SME or an entrepreneur, we have all the solutions to your problems.

A turnkey website

Because we believe that the client is the final owner of their website, we offer a turnkey website, without a permanent contract. At the end of the project, we give you the access codes to your page and we guide you for its general use. If you want to take care of the management and administration independently, we also include some pdfs and tutorial videos to guide you.

Creation and management of e-commerce

We offer all types of pages, from a landing page, through an intranet, to a complex e-commerce. In this case, we take care of the installation of the payment gateway(s), the business configuration, the product catalog, the outgoing emails, and we prepare the product sheets and stock control so that everything is ready for launch.

How we work?



First meeting to get to know each other and present the project



Creation of a mockup to reflect the key ideas of the website and the main design lines



Implementation of the mockup, development of the website



Delivery of the website with its access to the private area

What platforms do we work with?

We work systematically with WordPress,

the leading platform in web development since it offers us a multitude of advantages compared to others. The first is the infinite number of existing plugins or extensions. Most of these offer us a very extensive free version.

Finally, WordPress itself is a free platform, which does not require any type of payment, apart from its domain and hosting. We will only have to pay the amount of some paid plugins if we want to use them. On the contrary, other platforms require a high annual or monthly payment in addition to a high price for each plugin or extension when they are minimally advanced.

In summary, WordPress is the best solution if we want to develop a website with advanced functionalities without paying an excessive price and all while maintaining control over its functionalities as a client.

A fast website to retain potential customers

We know that the speed of your website is a very important point, not only because it will affect your positioning in search engines, but also because it will affect how the user or client will react to it. A slow website can lose you a lot of potential customers!

Modern and adapted design

We adapt to trends in web design and above all, we reflect your mission, values and brand image in it. Additionally, 75% of your website’s credibility comes from its design, according to a Stanford University study. It will also attract the right customers as the design will adapt to your target audience.

100% responsive website

According to studies, 55% of internet views are made from a smartphone or other type of mobile device, compared to 42% on computers. Hence the importance of having a responsive, fully functional and user-friendly website on mobile devices.

100% of our satisfied customers!

All our clients are 100% satisfied and recommend us to those around them.

Why choose us?

Speed of execution

We establish short deadlines for the creation of your website. The sooner you have it, the sooner it will sell and your satisfaction is our priority.

Clean work

We work hand in hand with the client to detect any errors in both the design and functionality of the website and we solve them to deliver the best possible work.


We offer clients solutions for monitoring, maintenance, training, etc. so that it can last over time.


We offer website maintenance services with a low monthly fee, accessible to everyone. We take care of making backup copies of your content, updating themes and plugins, and inspecting and correcting any errors that may exist. We also update your Privacy Policies, Cookies Policy, General Conditions of Sale and Legal Notice.


If you don’t know where to start, we guide you through the creation process. We offer an advisory service to create a website completely adapted to your needs.


Whether it is to create your own web project or to be able to make changes to one of our projects in the future, we propose a series of short training sessions with the basics of WordPress.


If you want to reach more people, you can opt to have your website translated into multiple languages. We translate in Spanish, Catalan, English and French.

Web content writing

If writing is not your thing, we help you write the content of your website so you can present your company and your services in the best possible way and attract the right clients.

Blog content writing

Having a blog generates traffic and improves the positioning of your website in search results. At My Visual Projects, we have a service for writing articles of interest related to your sector.

Our rates

Basic Pack

A Landing Page

  • 1 single page + contact page
  • Maximum 8 sections

Standard Pack

A showcase website

  • Up to 4 pages (including home and contact)
  • Up to 8 sections per page


A 100% personalized website

  • All the pages you need
  • As long as necessary

Without obligation

Contact with us

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